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St Michael'sCatholic Primary School

Ukulele Sessions! (Years 4 - 6)

Ukulele session feedback! 

Hi everybody,

Hope you are all well. I would like to hear your feedback and thoughts about the Ukulele lessons that you have had this year. Please could you post a comment below stating whether you enjoyed the lessons or not, what you liked or didn't like about them and what you have learnt! 

If you have a Ukulele at home and would like to continue practising, let me know so that I can post online tutorials for you to use. Ukuleles are not expensive and can be easily bought online too.

Many Thanks!

Miss H 

  • Hannah 4 months ago
    Hi Miss H i really enjoyed our ukulele sessions at St. Michael's. There really isn't anything that i hated about the lessons because i got to learn a how to play a new instrument and it was really fun.
  • Mia 4 months ago
    I really like the ukulele lessons, I like the YouTube videos and when we do the cords with the music.
  • Rajonna Dey 4 months ago
    I loved the Ukulele lessons that we had and I am so sad that we can't have anymore this year because of the current situation. I will practise daily.

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