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St Michael'sCatholic Primary School

Newsletter 8-3-19

A message from Mrs Ward

Dear Parents and Children,

As I am sure you will all be aware, we had our Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday to mark the beginning of Lent.  Lent is a time when we reflect on our words and actions and prepare for the celebrations of Easter. 

This Lent we have decided to focus on the charity Mary's Meals.  Mary's Meals is a charity which aims to help children in some of the poorest communities.  We have discussed with the children some of the things that they are giving up for Lent.  Please support your child by allowing them to use the money they might have spent on this luxury to give to charity. 

Yesterday I emailed all parents asking for donations for our 'Backpack Project' which is a project being run by Mary's Meals.  Children in each class are being asked to bring in items to fill a backpack which will then be sent to a needy child.  The children can bring in new pencils, pens, notebooks, paper and toothbrushes and toothpaste to include in their backpack.  They can also bring in some clean second hand clothes.  

Already, you as parents have been very generous so please keep this coming in so that we can send as many backpacks as we can to Mary's Meals to help children more needier than us.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Ward