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St Michael'sCatholic Primary School


At St Michael's we provide all our children with a broad, balanced and rich curriculum which is relevant to their needs.  As a small school we know all of our children individually and cater for their unqiue learning styles.  As a staff we regularly discuss the needs of our children and plan learning experiences accordingly.  This approach enables us to tailor make our own curriculum which serves the children of St MIchael's. 

The government introduced a new curriculum this year and we have spent a long time as a staff familiarising ourselves with this new curriculum and how we can best teach this to our children.  The acquisition of basic skills is of paramount importance at St Michael's, as we feel that these are the building blocks for good learning.  Therefore, we have a dedicated 10 minute sessions before each English and Maths lesson to help children to learn and master the basics.  These are called our 'Non Negiotable' sessions. At St MIchael's the teaching of English and Maths all happens in the morning sessions when we feel our children are most alert and recpetive.  

In English we try to provide our children with rich literature and good quality texts.  Staff will frequently use the Hamilton Trust scheme of work, which uses good quality texts and provides a good structure for English planning.  Abacus evolve is used for Maths and this ensures a good consistent approach to the teaching of Maths throughout the school.  Staff also use Big Maths during our Non Negoiable sessions to help teach basic skills in Maths.  

As a Catholic school Religious Education and developing a love of Christ is at the forefront of everything we do.  The Come and See curriculum helps us to teach children about their faith and develop a love of theology.

In Science children learn more about the world around them and how things 

For all other subjects a range of resources are used, to engage and interest the children.  Please click on the links on the right hand side of this page to read our subject curriculum maps.