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St Michael'sCatholic Primary School


St. Michael's School Association

(Registered Charity No 1106033)

All parents by virtue of their child being a registered pupil are members of the St. Michael’s School Association. The SMSA is very active within the school and raises funds to provide additional facilities for all the pupils.

St Michael’s School Association, SMSA is run by parent volunteers to assist with school events, raise money to support the school in all sorts of ways and help fund those “extras” which make such a difference to our children.

All parents and Carers, Nursery Reception, Key Stage one and Key Stage two automatically become members of the association as their child attends through the school. Staff and Governors are also represented. It is important as parents and carers we realise our role as the Primary Carer of our children and we work with the school for our children to reach their full potential.  A way we can do this is to come forward and contribute to support our school. We can make ourselves available for our children’s growth and the school as a whole. We can do this by volunteering and becoming part of the SMSA committee.

In recent years the Association has raised money for books. We have subsidised the cost of school trips and organised coaches for school trips.
We raise funds by organising various events large and small. You may have attended our events or helped before. One of our popular events is the Christmas Fayre; other events have included the International night.

Remember as a parent/carer of the school you are a member of the SMSA. We hold meetings mainly at the school and they are often informal planning events and discussing fundraising ideas. A chance to have a cup of tea too!

The SMSA is a great way to get involved in the school, make a difference to our children and the local community as well as making new friends in our school community.
We would love parents to join the committee but we understand this may be difficult for some parents due to time and work commitments  but you can still help….volunteer for one off events, donating raffle prizes help set up. Clear up, sell tickets run a stall and of course attend events with your family and friends.

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SMSA Committee Members

  •  Jenny Pereira (Chair Person)
  • Ella Madriga (Vice Chair)
  • Emlin Bunn (Secretary)
  • Verna Hoang (Assistant Secretary)
  • Sandra Okoro (Treasurer)
  • Teraswini Shinde (Assistant Treasurer)