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St Michael'sCatholic Primary School

Who's Who

Staffing Structure 2017/2018

Head Teacher:

Mrs K. Ward

Deputy Head Teacher

Miss J. Pereira


Teacher: Miss R. Hatziefstratiou
Nursery Nurse: Miss S. Harvey


Teacher: Miss L. Bohane
Teaching Assistant: Mrs M. Kalyabe, Mr B. Jones

Class 1

Teacher: Mrs J. Donald
Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Charlery

Class 2

Teacher: Mrs K. Davies, Mrs T. Thompson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs G. Kisten

Class 3

Teacher: Mrs D. Corriette
Teaching Assistants: Miss L. Riste

Class 4

Teacher: Miss E. Samson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs T. Woolward 

Class 5

Teacher: Mrs S. D'Cruz

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Isaacs

Class 6

Teacher: Miss J. Pereira/Mrs S. Cox

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L. Isaacs

Ms Hatziefstratiou covers teachers' PPA (Planning, Preparation & Assessment) time teaching music to all year groups.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Cox (Senco) will also work with individual/groups of children with special education needs.

Office Staff

School Business Manager - Miss P. Cahill
Office Assistant - Mrs G. Riste

Maintainence Staff

Site supervisor- Mr T. Devlin
Cleaners - Mrs C. Macovei, Mrs R. Weerakone, Mrs A. Said, Mr A. Fazelkhan